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Lets Talk About Retention

Every lash artist has been struggling with retention now that summer and mother natures humidity has amped up.  Fortunately here at Lash for Less we can help you take care of your clients and hopefully have their lashes last and stay healthy and beautiful.
Monitor the humidity:
One item you may want to purchase for your lash area is a hygrometer/humidity gauge.  This will allow you to monitor the humidity to make sure it matches the required humidity for your adhesive.  Depending on your reading you may have to purchase either a humidifier or a dehumidifier in order to make sure your lash area is at peak condition for optimal lash curing.  The Cyanoacrylate found in all lash adhesives cures/hardens with presence of moisture.  If the humidity is higher than what is recommended for your adhesive you will find that the adhesive gets sticky (change in viscosity) on the palette and cures faster than what is stated on the bottle.  If your lash area is lower than the recommended humidity the opposite occurs and the dry time increases.  All of Dlux Professional lash adhesives work best with a relative humidity of 45-60% this allows for the perfect bond to take place between the extension and the natural lash. Trust us once you start to actually control he humidity in your lash space, you will find your clients have better retention. 

Nano Misting:
If you haven’t been using a nano mister with your clients, then you have for sure been missing out on one of lashings greatest gifts.  After the lashing process is complete, a nano mister delivers a fine mist of distilled water to the area around the lash extensions.  This allows the lash adhesive to absorb whatever moisture it requires in order to quickly cure the outer shell of the adhesive.  With this outer shell now cured, it only requires 4 more hours for the inner part of the adhesive to fully cure, thus allowing your clients to shower!  No more having your clients wait 48 hours before they chance getting the lashes wet.  It is still important to maintain a distance from the eyes when nano misting to make sure the lashes only receive a fine mist and do not actually get wet and shock the glue.  Nano misting at the end of  a lash session is also soothing and relaxing and helps your clients feel refreshed post service, while also helping their skin feel hydrated as well. 
A video showing the Dlux Nano mister can be found on our YouTube page Here

We always recommend suggesting sealer to clients who wear classic lash extensions.  A lash sealer  forms a barrier to protect against the elements that break down the adhesive. Dlux professional sealant not only gives the extensions a maximum bond but also keeps the extensions moisturized, glossy, clean, and beautifully groomed.  It also is great to recommended  to clients who tend to want to unfortunately use mascara on their extensions.  Carrying this as a retail item in your salon, allows for you to suggest to your clients that they use it daily to help extensions to stay looking their best and have better retention as well. 
A video demonstrating Dlux professional clear and black sealant can be found on our YouTube page at:
Dlux Professional Black Sealer
Dlux Professional Clear Sealer
Client after care:
Unfortunately the biggest enemy of retention that you will find is your clients themselves.  So it is important to make sure you educate them on what they must avoid in order to make sure their lashes stay looking their best. 
-Avoiding oily moisturizers around the eye area and oily make up removers. 
-Clients who sleep on their faces must understand that they will find that lashes will not hold up as long as other clients, and they may want to invest in a sleep mask to avoid rubbing their lashes in the night.
-Using only make up that is safe for eyelash extensions, and definitely no mascara on the extensions themselves. Lash for less also carries an extension safe gel liner and mascara that we guarantee is safe to be used near your lash extensions without compromising the bond of the adhesive.    
-Recommending a lash cleanser for your client is a big help as well, since it will help your clients keep debris and oil away from their lashes.  Dlux professionals bubble foam cleanser is available from lashforless.com and is a great recommendation for clients to use as part of their daily routine for lash health.  (Click Here to purchase Bubble Foam Cleanser)