Welcome to Dluxpro.ca!

Your one-stop shop for “exceptional quality” eyelash extension supplies!

We are a Canadian based company that serves customers world-wide.

Our mission is to provide exceptional quality eyelash extension products, with great value, quick efficient shipping, and excellent customer service.

There are many benefits to shop with us.

First, we are proud to be partners with Dlux Pro from South Korea as they were the first company to invent tray eyelash extensions in the world.  They have 20 years of experience in manufacturing eyelash extension products Dlux manufactures only the highest quality products and they are the pioneer in the eyelash industry.  Their products are sold in over 55 countries. 

Secondly, our prices at are truly competitive compared to the US market, giving our customers increased value for their dollar.

As well, our prices are listed in both USD and CAD, saving our Canadian customer’s money by not having to exchange currencies.  Also, Canadian customers do not have to pay duties because the orders are coming from Canada. 

Last but not least is the shipping time!  We can ship much quicker within Canada compared to American companies.


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