CLEARANCE: Dlux Professional Volume Tweezer

Dlux Pro Volume Tweezer (Hand Tested) for Volume Lashes

Each Dlux tweezer is hand tested by professionals for quality and grip effectiveness!

Dlux Pro Volume Tweezers are a must have for any lash stylist. The angled tip allows for precise control over fine diameter lashes while the sleek handle prevents hand fatigue.

Size: 115 mm

Colour: Pink

Material: Stainless Steel

super hard
anti magnetic
anti acid steel


Disclaimer : We do not recommend soaking tweezers in cleaning solution due to risk of corrosion. Disinfecting wipes are better suited for tweezers. If you must soak tweezers please do so for the shortest time allowed and allow to air dry. Dlux and LFL are not responsible for corrosion of tweezers due to improper use of cleansing solutions.