* CLEARANCE * Dlux Pro Scent of Paradise  ROSE GEL REMOVER

Dlux Pro Scent of Paradise  ROSE GEL REMOVER

Whisk your client away to a flowery paradise during their removal with the soft scent of Rose.  All the power of our Dlux Professional Gel Remover but with the lovely scent scent of Rose. 


Dlux Pro Gel Glue Remover (15 ml) dissolves the bonds of the adhesive attached without damaging the natural lashes. It makes the lash removal quick and effortless. This gel remover has a thick texture that does not run, with less chance of the product getting into the eyes unlike other liquid removers.
Directions: Apply the gel remover gently onto the extensions with a lint free applicator or micro swab. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe off extensions with care. (DO NOT get the product into clients eye.)
Rinse well and make sure no residue remains.
We sell to professionals only!


Size: 15mL