Authentic 7DSP Dumont Curved Tweezer

Authentic 7DSP Dumont Curved Tweezer

We are happy to carry the best authentic hand made Swiss tweezers. Made with Inox steel these tweezers are light weight, won't strain, and have expert grip and control. Dumont tweezers are made of stainless steel, making them resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. There tweezers are the highest in lash standards and you can immediately feel the difference hand made perfection makes.


Disclaimer : We do not recommend soaking tweezers in cleaning solution due to risk of corrosion. Disinfecting wipes are better suited for tweezers. If you must soak tweezers please do so for the shortest time allowed and allow to air dry. Dlux and LFL are not responsible for corrosion of tweezers due to improper use of cleansing solutions.  

7DSP is the revolutionary version of 7SP. Diamond tip furlong lasting tweezer. Every tip is electroplated with diamonds, ensuring superior gripping power.

THIS ITEM IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR DISCOUNT CODES.  Return Policy: In order to be eligible for return or exchange Dumont Tweezers must be shipped back in original packaging. (Plastic tip and box) if not returned in original condition this product will not be eligible for refund or exchange.