CLEARANCE Dlux Pro 2D Pre-Made Advanced Volume Fan Lash (Heat Bonded)

The newest innovation in Pre-Made Volume Lash Technology only from Dlux Professional.  These perfect pre-made volume fans are heat bonded at their base instead of being attached together with adhesive. Heat bonded pre-made fans are lighter in weight and are closer to their hand made counter parts. Bases will allow for proper wrapping, while still helping Lash Artists save time.


Heat-bonded pre-made fans can help lash artists of all skill and experience levels add depth, length, drama and curl to a client’s natural lashes without worrying about the added weight of extra lash adhesive. Since these bases are heat bonded, they are extremely delicate. Fans must be removed using only high quality curved volume tweezers.  Bases MAY separate upon removal (just like hand made fans) and can be brought back together with proper dipping into lash adhesive.  With proper application heat bonded Pre-Made volume fans should have the same the same retention as hand made volume fans. 

Dlux Pro 2D Pre-Made Advanced Volume Fan Lash (Heat Bonded)

** must use a volume tweezer**


Number of rows in a box: 16
Type:      2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D
Thickness:         0.05 mm and 0.07mm 
Curl Type:          C and D
MIX Length