Ruthie Belle - Dark Matter



Dark Matter is a fast-setting and oil-resistant lash glue that results in better retention.

- Works with virtually any humidity and temperature
- Bonds in half a second to one second
- Minimal fumes
- 100% oil proof
- One glue dot lasts for up to 5 hours
- Stays fresh for 3 months after opening
- Allows you to work faster
- Suitable for intermediate and advanced lash stylists
- Works with all types of lashes and techniques
- Contains castor oil
- Does not contain carbon black


The purity of the cyanoacrylate used in Dark Matter allows it to work with any humidity and any temperature. Generally, the higher the humidity the longer the glue drop will stay fresh, but tests show Dark Matter works perfectly in humidities varying from 10% to 95%, and the glue is optimized in temperatures that range from 16°C to 39°C (61°F to 102°F).

While Dark Matter sets very fast, it does not dry out on your lash plate or lose its adhesive capability. One glue dot can be worked with for 1.5–5 hours. This means one bottle of Dark Matter will last from 3 to 10 times more than other adhesives and you will work much more efficiently as you do not need to refresh your glue dot every 30 minutes.

Dark Matter is sensitive to alcohol, so AVOID all high alcohol content products as they affect retention in a negative way (includes hand sanitizers and regular primers/glue accelerators).


- Shake well for 1 minute before first use
- Apply a drop of Dark Matter on silicone or foil (DO NOT use on plastic, paper, tape or jade stone as these react to the adhesive) Foil can be purchased here
- Allow to air for 5 minutes
- Work from the middle of your glue drop, using a scooping technique to pick up a bubble of adhesive and apply it on the root of the extensions
- No need to replace glue dots even when they begin to dry out from the outer edge. Get a fresh dot only when the texture becomes stringy
- If you use pinching method/finger roll to create volume fans, do not use hand sanitizers with high alcohol content (opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizer) and do not use regular primers/glue accelerators as their main active ingredient is alcohol.
- Use ONLY Ruthie Belle’s Adhesive Superdry as a primer/adhesive accelerator (Superdry works with all other adhesives too).

Castor oil is known for its nourishing properties for skin and hair and for promoting hair growth. Recommend it to your customers to strengthen natural lashes while wearing extensions.
For more information, watch Ruthie Belle’s “How to use Dark Matter” video here.
NB! Dark Matter is not compatible with Prolong lash cleanser.


- Shake well for 1 minute before first use
- Keep container tightly closed when not in use
- Store away from direct sunlight or heat
- Keep in a cool place, preferably under 25°C (77°F). Unopened bottles may be kept on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. In these cases, take out 30 minutes before first use and shake well for 2 minutes. Never keep an opened bottle of Dark Matter in the fridge to avoid condensed water from developing and starting the glue’s curing process within the bottle.
- If stored correctly, Dark Matter stays fresh for 6 months unopened and for up to 3 months after opening




Dark Matter is produced only twice a month so that customers always receive fresh glue. You can check the manufacturing date (d/m/y) within the “Ch:…” code found on the bottom of the bottle.
Dark Matter is black, but does not contain carbon black. It is produced in the EU with the same high “medical grade” cyanoacrylate used in wound adhesives. Please note that Dark Matter should be used only by experienced lash artists.


2-Methoxyethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Dimethyl Silicone Polymer with Silica, Acrylates, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, CI 77499