Ruthie Belle - SuperBonder 15mL
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Superbonder does what no other product does: prolongs lash extensions while reducing irritation.

- Increases lash retention by up to 30%
- Low to no fumes
- Less eye irritation
- Reduces lash brittleness
- Quick 3 minute drying process
- Works with any adhesive
- No need for nanomisting or nebulizing
- Suitable for sensitive eyes and all types of lashes, including volume lashes
- Works in any humidity and temperature conditions
- One bottle is enough for 150-200 treatments/clients


This unique lash retention maximizer pushes humidity out of the adhesive surface, sealing it more efficiently and creating a tighter bond. With Superbonder, lash retention grows by up to 30%. The tighter bond also blocks glue fumes and adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points. The added elasticity makes the lashes more flexible, less sensitive to touch and less prone to breaking or falling off.

The reduced fumes make Superbonder a safer product to use for professionals and their clients. Everyone is more protected from the lash glue fumes and clients have reported less irritated eyes.Instead of the usual 24 hour drying time, within 3 minutes of being applied, lash extensions are done. They can even get wet!

With Superbonder there is no need for the typical curing with water droplets. This step is skipped entirely because Superbonder mixes with cyanoacrylate and does the curing process from within. When a Nanomister or Nebulizer is used, the curing process is done from the outside and humidity stays in the adhesive. This means the surface of the adhesive remains porous, so the bond is weaker and more fumes are released. With Superbonder there is no need for a Nanomister or Nebulizer, but you can still use one if you or your client wishes. Just wait for the 3 minutes so that Superbonder dries.


- Wait 2 minutes after you have attached the last extension of the set
- Apply 2 drops onto a microfibre brush (no need to soak)
- Wipe adhesive bonding points
- Allow to dry for 3 minutes




One 15ml bottle services 150-200 treatments/clients. The product is vegan and produced in the European Union, under EU regulations.

Superbonder has revolutionized how lash extensions are done. Since its launch in 2018, Ruthie Belle Superbonder became the most copied product in the whole lash industry. No one has got even close so why go for a weaker substitute when you can get the original?


Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol and Hexyl Alcohol (less than 0.01% !!), Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Ci 17200, Ci 19140